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I DID make it!!!!!!!

Annie IS in Kenya

-17 °C

Okay... made it here a few days ago and all is well. Getting to a computer has been problematic but whew... finally here. Not much time but wanted you to know that I am okay. Luggage mishaps (what is it with me and traveling!?), of course. Dealiing with it. flight delays. Bombing (no one was hurt) in Nairobi proper so no going into town. The marked difference between the "haves" and the "have nots" is simply devastating.
Took the "whole" tour of the city and there's an imaginary, yet totally visible, line, separating segments. Unreal. It was rather disheartening.
Today we did visit a hospital and the work that they are doing there and the progress they are making there (building) and in the outreach and educational programs both in the rural and urban communities is rather encouraging.
Tomorrow it is off to a village.
This needs to be brief as there's a queue forming and don't want to be an "obnoxious American"!!!
So, Frank: I love you and please check your lanzaautoworks1 email account... I wrote you there! Wish you were with me. It would be easier to take. Email if you can; I'll check when I can...
Peg: Happy birthday!!!
Ellen: gotta love the Hoffeld's -- all I had time to read :) ODAT! Very simple here!
Mom(s) Have not got bitten by even one mosquito and am staying quite healthy... really. Food is... fresh.
so, no worries.

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Time to Go

Hi! Time for me to bid adieu! Full of wonder and still amazed that this is coming to fruition. It surely is though -- didn't get all those shots for nothing!
Had a lovely bon voyage with Frank at Lombardo's last night. Wonder what the food will be like in Kenya? Stuffed figs, anyone? These will be the longest flights I've ever taken. Should be interesting...
Reading material -- check
Listening pleasure -- check
Have you all in my heart -- check

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Count down

The count down begins today. Two weeks 'til departure! Let's see if I can get the hang of this...

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